Blackboard Learn’s Product Management Day

Today, I’m attending a Blackboard Learn Product Management Day. (Currently a coffee break, and instead of filling up with caffeine, I’m so excited about what I’ve learned that I had to post!)

These days are events that happen across the UK, and are a fantastic opportunity for us to directly talk to the Blackboard folk, telling them what developments we’d like to see in the product, as well as learning about what’s on the way.

I’ve been really impressed with the fact that we have been giving our feedback to members of Blackboard’s excellent team of staff, and voting on issues we’d like to see fixed, or features we like to see developed – and these members of staff are going to go away and actually assign resources to respond to our suggestions. So this is an exercise that really will have direct results, and it’s great that Blackboard offers its customers this opportunity.

Not only that – and I don’t want to say too much just yet, because the day isn’t over and I need to process some of this information – but we’ve learned about Blackboard’s ‘roadmap’; first of all, what’s coming in Service Pack 8 (early next year), and then beyond.

All I can say is: wow. Without going into too much detail, we’ve discussed everything from bringing the calendars in Learn up-to-scratch (about time, frankly!) to some incredible developments in the social networking direction.

This day has convinced me even more that Blackboard Learn is a fantastic product, and one that will develop in very interesting ways, allowing us to innovate, save time, improve student engagement, and even use the VLE for research.

Additionally – I presented at the School Board meeting for Health Sciences and Social Care, about where we are with the project, and where we’re going next. Staff and students were really enthused and excited, and we got some really good questions. Thanks for the great reception, folks!

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