Posters, posters, everywhere!

I decided to take advantage of the nice weather and take a walk around campus providing the Schools and Central Depts with posters advertising the Blackboard Learn training and drop-ins. I went to most of them but still have a few to go; if I’ve missed you out, don’t worry. I’ll do another run soon!

Scan the QR code or, as the posters say, go to for the info you need.

We already have people attending, which is great to see.

Additionally, on my travels, two people complimented me on the various presentations and roadshows I’ve been doing around campus – it’s good to know I’m making an impression! A third person complimented my mohawk, but that’s different…

(I understand that I interrupted quite an important meeting to ask where some Blu-tac was, and I am hoping that this cheery blog post is enough of an apology, Paal! If not, I’ll get Santanu of the Learning Technology Team, who designed the excellent posters, to draw one up that says ‘SORRY’ in capital letters…)

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