Blackboard Banter

10 days since my last post! I must have been incredibly busy. Well, I have. Busy taking annual leave, mostly, with that frantic game of email catch-up in between.

Next week, we have an event open to all – the first of 3 Blackboard Banter sessions.

On Wednesday 28th March, come along to the Council Chamber from 3 until 4pm for a coffee, and a presentation from me with some updates on how the training has been going (pretty well, is the short version!), some issues that have come up, themes we’ve identified, and so on. We might also have some sneak peeks at what we’ll be doing at the Learning and Teaching symposium, some features in Blackboard that the pilot School have loved, and plenty more

But it won’t just be me talking (sighs of relief all round!) – it’ll be a chance for you to air your views/thoughts/questions or hear what other people are thinking. It’s likely we’ll have a few project board members present, as well as representatives from the project teams, so we’ll be able to pick up any actions to take forward and take a note of items for discussion in those meetings.

Thats 3-4pm in the Council Chamber, Wednesday next week.

See you there!


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