Blackboard Learn – give us your thoughts!

I hope that 2013 is already living up to even your wildest expectations.

I wanted to share some survey results with you, and then give you a couple of links you can use to help some of our own research students here at Brunel, as well as have your voice and thoughts on technology at Brunel, and Blackboard in particular, heard.

We recently asked what our usersĀ  – staff and students – thought of the Blackboard Mobile app. Up to now, we’ve had 1832 responses, which is a decent sample! 1448 of those users have downloaded the Mobile app.

Of those 1448, 76% think the app is either very useful or useful.


Only 9% deem the app ‘disappointing’. I think this says a lot about the choice we made to invest in the Mobile app to enhance the VLE we had just put in place.

Two research students here at Brunel, who have worked closely with us to understand how the project has progressed, are offering staff and students the opportunity to provide their views and inform the research.

If you are a member of staff, click here to take a staff survey, set up by Latefa Bin Fryan.

The student equivalent is here.

Alison Bulbeck is running some focus groups and would love to get students involved: if you’re interested in finding out more, email

We are currently planning how best to take forward the new features available to us in Service Pack 10 so watch this space for some exciting developments!


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