Blackboard Champions

What are Blackboard Champions?

Blackboard Champions are a community of users who will be influence and inform the ways in which the VLE is developed at Brunel. Membership is not restricted – any member of staff at Brunel can be a Blackboard Champion!

What are the benefits? 

There will be 5 offerings provided to Blackboard Champions

Tool Card

1. tool card

  • A handy laminated tool card of all the various tools (‘features’) in Blackboard Learn
  • Updated annually so you can see what is new and what you would like more information on (the 2013 version is now available!)

Added to Blackboard Champions Mailing list

2. Mail list

  • Allows us (from time-to-time) to keep you up-to-date with new developments and issues
  • Allows you to pick each other’s brains and share best practice

Champions’ Events

3. events 

Agenda will be informative; based around four themes:

  • New Blackboard functionality
  • LTT Initiatives
  • Current Headaches
  • Your input into future initiatives and purchases

Blackboard Banter Blog

4. blog

You can get signed up to the blog at to keep up to date with the latest news

Blackboard Newsletter

5. newsletter

Receive a one page newsletter which draws together key information on recent Blackboard initiatives

If you would like to be a Blackboard Champion, please email the Learning Technology Team at Brunel University on

2 thoughts on “Blackboard Champions

  1. How do you port over existing courses that were in version 8.0.475.0 to Blackboard Learn? I have some detailed course designs with submissions, course work, gradebooks as well as lots of available content. So far I haven’t been able to import my packaged classes with success. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Lucilla – we’re migrating from Vista to Learn, so it’s a different process with different results. I can only tell you what I know, which is that whatever version you’re moving from/to, there is some ‘cleanup’ work involved. So you likely won’t see the work you’ve already done duplicated exactly. If it’s just one or a handful of courses you’re moving, you should be able to create a backup of your course and then import it into Learn. The best place to look for documentation on how to do this is to sign up at Behind the Blackboard and take a look there – lots of great info, so I’d definitely get an account if you don’t already have one. Sorry I couldn’t help more!

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